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E-News Issue 4:

Welcome to the fourth newletter from the PSNZ Hutt2019 National Convention team. We welcome those that signed up since the previous edition was sent out, and we hope that you are enjoying our regular updates. If you have missed out receiving earlier ones you can find them our website.

This time we want to tell you a little about day three on the programme – Sunday April 28th, 2019. As we move closer to registration opening we will be adding more details on to our website– we encourage you to visit the site to see what’s new there.


Partner Presentations:

After you have watched the display of the successful digital honours sets, we are turning the next 90 minutes over to our partners to amaze and entertain you. This is an opportunity for them to promote their newest gear, so of course we will have no idea what they will do until much closer to the event.

In fact when we open registrations on November 3, this may still be a blank space with the details being filled in as we get them.

But fear not, if you register prior to March 2019, we will contact you to choose the option you want. You will not miss out by not being able to choose it when you register.

Annual General Meeting:

The business part of the convention for PSNZ is the Annual General Meeting. We encourage you to attend and take part in the meeting. The Society is nothing without its members, and having an annual meeting and reporting on the status of the society to you all is a legal requirement that we have to fulfill.  Come along, you might surprise yourself by actually enjoying it.


Once we have got the formalities out of the way it is time to pick up a packed lunch and head out on one of our ten off-site sessions. These are fieldtrips on steroids – each will take you a location, with instructors to guide you in a semi workshop format. There will be learning opportunities along with the chance to practice what you have learned.

We have been determined to stay within the boundaries of the Hutt Valley but we are venturing to the very edges. Whether you like shooting landscapes, nature, people, action, architecture, macro or creative you will find an off-site session to interest you.

Numbers on each of trips will be capped at 30, so it will pay to register early, or you may miss out on your first choice.

Details on the off-sites are being slowly loaded to the website.


CR Kennedy Honours Banquet:

One of the highlights of any National Convention is the CRK Honours Banquet and after a full on day we invite you to join us to celebrate those who have received awards and distinctions, and enjoy a night of good food and entertainment. We have been working on the menu and can promise you some tasty treats.

Our theme for the banquet is appropriate for a photography event “Black, White & Silver”, but we want to take this one step further and create a full-on red carpet event.  So glam it up and have some fun.


Featured Presenter:

Aaron Key is an Auckland based fashion/portraiture photography, who also happens to work for Sony. If that was not enough he is also Executive Director of the Advertising & Illustrative Photographers Association (AIPA).

For those of you unfamiliar with AIPA they represent photographers primarily shooting in the commercial field.

At the 2017 Central Regional in Stratford Aaron thought he was just there to man the Sony trade-stand. However when one of the presenters left early he stepped in and rescued the session. We were so impressed with what he delivered off the cuff that we immediately asked him to present at Hutt2019.

So, with the kind assistance of Sony, Aaron is going to be leading two of the Saturday workshops and one of the Sunday off-sites.

You can see Aarons’ work at

New on the YouTube channel:

Just uploaded to our YouTube channel is our fourth video featuring Aaron Key.

It can be found at


We will be opening registrations in November!

Mark it in your diary if you don’t want to miss out on specific workshops.


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