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E-News Issue 7:

Welcome to the seventh newsletter from the PSNZ Hutt2019 National Convention team. We are rapidly approaching the opening date for registrations on 3 November 2018.

With this issue we continue to go into more detail on the individual presenters, workshop and offsites that we have in our line-up. We also have some exciting news on additions to the programme. As we move closer to registration opening, more details will be filled out on our website so we encourage you to explore the site.


Just Added

We have added two additional items to our already packed programme. On Friday afternoon there will be an additional workshop titled “Going beyond PSNZ”. This will be an information session where participants will have the opportunity to learn all about how they can extend their photography into the wider world by venturing into International Salons. Learn what is required, how best to achieve a good outcome and what distinctions are available to work towards.

On Saturday we are running what we are confident has not been done at a convention in the last ten years. In the morning shoot you will have the option of shooting with your current digital camera or going old school with film.

Our friends at Splendid will be providing film services (and some old cameras for those that no longer have them). After the shoot Splendid will race off to process and scan the films so participants will have the digital images to take away with them. There may be a small charge for this session to cover the costs of the film processing.


Featured Presenter – Nick Servian FNZIPP

Nick Servian is a highly creative award-winning photographer with a vast amount of experience in many fields, including advertising, architecture, corporate, people, studio, still life, cars, aerial, travel, and fine art.  He has been a professional photographer since a mac was a raincoat and a photoshop was a place to buy film. He runs his business from Wellington, New Zealand, “the coolest little capital in the world”.

Nick is a Fellow of both the British and New Zealand Institutes of Professional Photography.

He has been published in a number of books, including A Day In The Life of NZThe Colour of NZ, and Athfield Architects. He has written travel articles for international magazines, including stories on Cuba, Cathedrals of Spain, and the launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery. A Royal Mail postage stamp Christmas Issue in Britain featured his photographs of cathedral roof bosses of the Nativity, and his work was used for a NZ issue of Children’s Health postage stamps.

His photography career started when he was expelled from school.  (He took a day off school to photograph Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, who was on an official visit to London. Accused of “rank individualism”, Nick was asked to leave at the end of term.)

You can see Nick’s work at and read more about what the workshop he is presenting below.



Featured workshop – Architectural Photo Walk 

This workshop/photo walk will be led by Wellington commercial photographer Nick Servian. For most of his career, you needed specialised large-format cameras with “movements” for architectural work, allowing the lens to be shifted and tilted. Now you can buy tilt/shift lenses, at least for 35mm cameras, and image-editing software is used to correct most of the issues with perspective.

Having said that you can’t save a “bad” image and knowing how to minimise issues ahead of time will save you a lot of grief later.

The session will be in three parts. The first will be a quick introduction on techniques, then the group will head out on a photo walk to see what they can capture.

In the final part of the session we will take some of the images into Lightroom/Photoshop and show the techniques used to correct the perspective.


Featured Off-site – WOW Fashions

The World of Wearable Arts (WOW) has been impressing audiences for the last 30 years. It started as a small venture in Nelson and has grown to a multi night event with packed halls and attracts designs from 40 countries.

For the last two years Convention Committee Chair, Paul Whitham has been helping local WOW designers with photographs as part of their entries and in April 2019 they are returning the favour by making available several outfits for PSNZ members to photograph.

The shoot will take place at several locations on the old grandstand at Trentham Gardens. This includes both studio and natural lighting models.

These designs are so elaborate that you can use both wide angle and macro lens to capture the details.

The offsite will be led by Auckland based fashion photographer Aaron Key with the support of Sony.

In 2017 New York fashion photographer and educator Lindsay Adler presented at the NZIPP conference. She said that the opportunity to shoot WOW designs while she was in New Zealand was the principal reason she had agreed.

Now attendees at Hutt2019 will have that same opportunity.  Remember this option will be strictly limited in numbers so early registration is recommended.


See you at Whanganui Regional Convention

Half of the Convention committee will be in Whanganui next weekend for the Central Regional Convention, and we look forward to catching up with those that are going. We are presenting on the Sunday afternoon but if you have any questions about our newsletters, or the programme, please come and talk to Toya Heatley, Helen Westerbeke or Paul Whitham.

New on the YouTube channel

In conjunction with this e-news we have loaded two videos to our YouTube channel featuring Nick Servian and the WOW shoot.  Nick’s video can be found at and the WOW one at

We are loading videos to the channel more often that posting them via the email so if you want to see them first then subscribe to our channel.


We will be opening registrations in November!

Mark it in your diary if you don’t want to miss out on specific workshops.


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