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E-News – Issue 11:

Welcome to the eleventh issue of the Convention Newsletter. We hope that you have downloaded the convention brochure and have enjoyed reading what we have put together for you.

We are pleased to tell you that registrations are now open. So jump across to and register to secure first choice of the options. As we have been saying all along, spaces in the sessions are limited and will fill up quickly.  There is a large blue button on the front page of the website that will take you directly to the registration form.

People subscribed to the newsletter and PSNZ members have a two week window to register before we advertise the convention into the wider photographic community.

If you haven’t seen the brochure you can get a copy at

We made a slight mistake in the original programme that many of you downloaded, for which we are truely sorry for. On page six, the reference numbers for two of the night activities were switched. The numbering was correct in the body of the documents. So just to be clear the Astro Shoot is D1A1 and the movement shoot is D1A2. 

It is quite clear on the registration form.

Overlaps in the programme

Those with eagle eyes will have noticed that on both the Friday & Saturday nights that some of the shoot options start before the previous session has finished. This is not a mistake.

The trip to the coast will take around 30 minutes and to ensure that maximum time was spent there we figured that people would not mind leaving the previous session early.

On Friday this should be after the digital images have been shown. On Saturday night we will be checking whether any of the people registered for the shoot have received awards, and we will make sure you are at both sessions.

Featured Presenter – Ian Rotherham FNZIPP

Ian Rotherham joined the Foxton Camera Club in 1982 with a borrowed Pentax K1000. In 1988, he started in the photographic industry in Wellington at ‘Photography by Woolf.’  In 1989 he won the PSNZ Young Photographer of the Year Award. Currently, Ian is a Fellow and qualified portrait member of the NZIPP.

Over the past 30 years, Ian has run his own commercial studio, worked in wholesale and retail photographics, and was a photographer at Waikato University. He has been a Senior Lecturer at UCOL for 16 years where he covers the full gamut of professional photography, business studies. Ian have produced a range of research projects including exhibitions and books.  The most recent project was the ‘100 Weeks of Portraits’ book.

Ian has shot everything from weddings, product, scientific, documentary, and pictorial, but his main passion is photographing people. He enjoys working with other photographers and students to create new work.

Featured Presenter – Tracey Scott FPSNZ FNZIPP

Tracey Scott is a specialist in commercial, industrial, wedding, conference, sporting event and portrait photography.

Over 25 years experience as a press photographer has given Tracey the photographic knowledge to cope with any assignment. You can find her work in catalogues, brochures, posters, magazines and newspapers all around New Zealand.

Tracey’s artistic eye is not just limited to photography. With a degree in fine arts and a passion for artwork, you will also find Tracey’s canvases adorning many an art gallery, right next to her photographs.

Tracey has won many awards over the years in both PSNZ and NZIPP, including the NZIPP 2015 Professional Photographer of the Year, and 2018 NZIPP Documentary Photographer of the Year. Tracey is a PSNZ accredited judge and a member of the PSNZ Honours board.

You can see Tracey’s work at

Featured workshops – Around the Hutt scavenger hunt (D1W6)

For those of who don’t manage to make it into one of the other workshops, or would simply like to explore the Lower Hutt CBD, we have arranged a photographic scavenger hunt with a few prizes thrown in for good measure.

But don’t panic that you don’t have all your gear and a computer with you. We will provide you with the clues and it is up to you to find and photograph them using only your cell phone camera.

Directions will be provided on the convention website for you to upload your images to directly from your phone on completion of the hunt for judging.

There will be a prize for the person who in our biased opinion, has the most correct entry (hint: suitable bribes to the judges are acceptable). Please remember this is a fun event, so don’t take the clues too seriously, we will reward creativity.

It will be an easy walk and you can take as long as you need.  Images will need to be uploaded for judging by 4.30pm.

Featured workshops – Creative Portraiture (D2W10)

Join with photographer Tracey Scott FPSNZ as she takes you through the steps that go into shooting a conceptual portrait. This will be a little different as we will be incorporating animals, rather than people in the shoot.

Tracey is well known for creating interesting images that she largely sets up in camera.

Although not a essential requirement, those who are able to bring along a laptop with photo editing software will be able to go through the whole process with Tracey using the images that you have taken.

Featured Off-site – Cannon’s Point – Landscape  (D3O4)

Cannon’s Point is one of the highest points on the hills above Upper Hutt and it affords great views of the Hutt Valley.

For this off-site we have teamed up with the Wellington Four Wheel Drive Club to take you into areas that you cannot easily get to. Starting in Totara Park, the journey will go up and over Cannon’s Point and then into the Akatarawa Valley stopping along the way to photograph the landscape.

This off-site will be led by Lindsay Keats with the support of Fujifilm.

There issome uneven ground so a reasonable level of fitness required.  While the ride will not be too extreme this is probably not ideal for those who suffer motion sickness or have bad backs as it could be a little bumpy.

New on the YouTube channel

In conjunction with this e-news we want to promote another two more videos on our YouTube channel.  You can meet Tracey Scott at, and Lindsay Keats at

We are loading videos to the channel more often that posting them via the email so if you want to see them first then subscribe to our youtube channel.

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