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E-News – Issue 13:

To the 13th newsletter from the PSNZ Hutt2019 National Convention team.

Since last issue of the newsletter we have had another session fill up and another 4 are getting very close. There are still plenty of options still available in the programme. Both the website ( and the convention booklet (link) have been updated to reflect what sessions are full.

What’s with the shopping option?

Those who have seen the registration form may have wondered why we had shopping options on both the Saturday workshops and the Sunday’s off-sites. That is simply to give people a way to tell us that they will be doing something else while the session is on, and so we don’t have to go back to people to check that they haven’t missed something out. Also the venue is really close to the mall!

Check out CameraTalk

The December issue of CameraTalk will be coming out next weekend, and in it we have addressed a number of issues, that we have heard third-hand. We hope you will read the article and embrace change as we have.

Please check the email confirmations.

When you register the system will send you an email outlining the options you have selected. It is important that you check it and ensure that all of the information is correct on it. If anything needs changing please email us urgently.

Featured Presenter – Kaye Davis GMNZIPP

Kaye Davis is a professional photographer based in Tauranga. She is a Grand Master of the NZIPP.

She has close to 20 years experience as a photographer, following many years immersed in the creative industry of fashion and design. It was during her time studying for the fashion industry that saw her first experience of the wonders of the darkroom, a love she went back to when deciding to retrain in photography many years later. Since then, she has worked as a freelance photographer, undertaking wedding, portrait and commercial photography, as well as being a full-time Senior Lecturer on the Bachelor of Applied Visual Imaging (UCOL, Palmerston North, New Zealand).

She is an international judge, a position on the NZIPP Board and as current Chair of the NZIPP Honours Council.

Kaye’s practice now revolves around photographic art and a love of landscape, still life, illustrative and portraiture.

Career highlights include Epson/NZIPP Professional Photographer of the Year 2013 (New Zealand), Illustrative Photographer of the Year 2013 (Australia), Creative Photographer of the Year 2018, 2014, 2013 and 2011 (New Zealand).

While Kaye’s workshop is full she is really approachable so why not say hello to her over the convention.

Featured Presenter – Darren Cliff

Darren Cliff is a photographer and videographer based in Wellington with a love for embracing new and old technology.

He has taken part in many years of the 48 hour film-making festival and his camera work won The Super 8×8 competition in 2017, an idea where video is stripped back to its purest form. One Super 8 film camera, one roll of 8mm film, no editing, no special effects, no audio, projected and judged in front of a live audience.

Darren was the go to staff member at Wellington Photographic Supplies for any video related question before he left to follow new dreams mid way through 2018. Now part of Splendid Photo, an analogue based photography store based in Newtown, Wellington he continues to pass on his knowledge to those willing to learn.

Darren is presenting our Saturday afternoon session on using the video function of your camera that you can read below. You can see Darren and some of his work in his video which can be found at

Featured workshops – The other button on your camera – Video (D2W8)

Most modern cameras, and phones, have the ability to record video, however the people operating them may be scared to do so, or have not bothered. The line between video and stills is getting really blurred especially on modern mirrorless cameras that can shoot extremely high frame rate files that you can extract stills from.

While many of the same skills are used in both photography and videography, there are also a number of differences that can frustrate those picking it up for the first time.

In this practical workshop led by the team from Splendid NZ, and supported by Lumix, you will be given the opportunity to explore the use of video. Lumix will also have a range of their mirrorless systems available should your existing camera not do video particularly well and want to try something different.

There are still plenty of spaces available on this session, so why not try something completely new.

Featured Off-site – Nature at Staglands Wildlife Reserve  (D3O1)

Staglands Wildlife Reserve offers visitors the unique and exciting opportunity to connect with nature in a beautiful, natural environment. Feed and freely interact with wildlife in this very special place – the product of one man’s passion and vision to experience nature at its best.

Located in the scenic Akatarawa Valley near Upper Hutt, Wellington, Staglands is a ‘must see’ attraction for local families and tourists visiting the Wellington region.

The reserve consists of several different locations, all with their own unique animals. There are several walk-through aviaries where it is possible to get up close to the birds without needing really long lenses.

It is home to distinctive species such as the Blue Duck (whio in te reo), Kea, Kaka and Brown Teal (Pateke), as well as more common birds such as swans, geese, peacocks and other ducks.

In addition to the birds, Staglands has rare species of goats, kune kune pigs and deer, as well as long horn sheep. Most of the animals are extremely tame and will be willing to pose for you.

For those that want to photograph old building their stables and the old bush settlement provide some interesting opportunities.

This off-site is being led by Craig McKenzie. You can see Craig’s video and some of the attractions at Staglands at

This off-site is our second most popular one and there is less than 10 places on it.

New on the YouTube channel

In addition to the two video’s listed above we have also loaded a video featuring Sean Aickin from Spendid on our YouTube channel.  You can see Sean’s video at
We are loading videos to the channel more often that posting them via the email so if you want to see them first then subscribe to our youtube channel.

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