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E-News – Issue 15:

Welcome to the 15th newsletter from the PSNZ Hutt2019 National Convention team. We hope that everyone had a great Christmas/New Year break and are enjoying the great Summer weather we are having.  We have been working on this convention for so long now that it is hard to believe that we are now only 3 months away from it opening. In the previous issues we have outlined all 10 of the off-sites. In this and future issues we will endeavour to cover workshops and presenters that haven’t already been featured.

PSNZ Canon National Exhibition open

Many people consider that a highlight of the convention is the opportunity to view the selected images displayed in the PSNZ Canon National Exhibition. Entries for the 2019 exhibition are now open. Information on the key dates, selectors and entry form can be found on the convention website ( under the Salons tab. The 2019 Exhibition has a number of changes from previous years, so it pays to have a look at the information on the site.  

A brand new partner

We are pleased to advise that Olympus have decided to become a silver level trade partner of PSNZ and they will be in the trade area at our convention. This means that we pretty much have every major camera brand in one place for you to talk to and try out their gear. We hope you will enjoy this unique opportunity for upgrading your gear.  

Featured Presenter – Helen Westerbeke FPSNZ

When we started looking for people to run the wide array of workshops we wanted to offer, we didn’t have to look far to find Helen. She is a member of the organising committee and a very talented photographer. She has been interested in photography since childhood and studied bursary photography at school. Giving it away for 20 odd years when life got in the way, she didn’t pick up an SLR again until 2009 in a new digital world. She re-learnt the craft again through night classes, workshops and camera clubs. Photography is her passion; Helen shoots every single day and is into her ninth year of doing a “photo a day” challenge. She enjoys all genres but is most interested in creative and documentary. Helen is a Fellow of the Photographic Society of New Zealand. She has pushed the boundaries several times and succeeded. Her APSNZ set was printed on plywood which generated quite a lot of discussion when it was displayed. Together with her mother Marg who holds a APSNZ, she runs Stop Time Photography, which specialises in event photography. She has mentored a number of members through their honours submissions and is passionate about sharing her craft. You can see Helen’s work at You can read more about the workshop that Helen is running below, or you can see her video at

Featured Workshop – Capturing the Street  (D2W5)

Led by Helen Westerbeke FPSNZ, this workshop will highlight the things that many see every day, elevating them to works of art and turning the photographer into a story teller. The session will begin with a short session covering key tips and techniques to capture those candid moments of life all around us, before taking a slow walk to the Riverbank Market to put these tricks into practice.  It is an easy 10 minute flat walk from the convention centre to the market. The market is full of activity all year round. There will be plenty of things to see and photograph. Even if people photography is not your strength, there is plenty to photograph with a wide range of stalls present. The plan is to also have a session photographing skateboarders at a skate park near the venue or one near the market. While this workshop is full there are still spaces available in other morning sessions, so why not try something completely new.  

New on the YouTube channel

In addition to the video listed above we have also loaded a couple more videos. Chris Parkin APSNZ who is running our basic post processing session features at The second video features Bryce McQuillan who is running the Friday evening bug walk can be found at We are loading videos to the channel more often that posting them via the email so if you want to see them first then subscribe to our youtube channel.  
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