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E-News – Issue 16:

Welcome to the 16th newsletter from the PSNZ Hutt2019 National Convention team. It is great to see that most of the people who signed up with the mailing list are still sticking with us. We trust that you are enjoying reading about the event, and we hope that you will be making up your mind shortly to register as it only 3 months away from opening. In this and future issues we will endeavour to cover workshops and presenters that haven’t already been featured. We also have information on the Sunday only option which will be made available shortly.

PSNZ Canon National Exhibition queries

Everyone should know by now that entries for the PSNZ Canon National Exhibition are open, with entries closing in just under a month on February 2019. What people may not know is that we are not organising it. That task has been picked up by a team mainly from Wellington Photographic Society. Therefore if you have any questions regarding entries into the National Exhibition can you please direct to the convenor Glen Innes at gleninnesphotography@gmail.comrather than using the contact form on the Convention website.  

Sunday only options

Back in November we indicated that early in 2019 we would offer one day options to the convention. We are pleased to advise that from Saturday 9thFebruary, we are offering a Sunday only option. This will enable people to attend the Sunday morning partner presentations (to be announced at the end of February), visit the trade area, attend one of the most important AGM’s in recent years and the Sunday afternoon offsites. The option does not include the CRK Honours Banquet as that is already available as a separate option. The Sunday only option will cost $160.00. If you wish to attend the Sunday option and the Banquet you will need to tick both options when registering.  

Featured Presenter – Julia Home APSNZ EFIAP BPSA

By day Julia is a self-employed as a Podiatrist, and is a Canterbury based photographer who joined the Kaiapoi Photographic Club in 1993 and except from an 18 month break when her two children were young, she has been a member ever since. Julia gained her LPSNZ in 2005 followed by her APSNZ in 2006 in the nature theme. In 2013 she became an open accredited judge and the following year was accredited in nature and currently sits on the Judge Accreditation Panel for PSNZ. In 2014 Julia achieved her AFIAP and then 12 months later received her EFIAP. At the end of 2017, after 2 years of part time study, Julia completed a Diploma in Digital Photography through SIT. In August 2018 a Bronze Portfolio Distinction from the Photographic Society of America was added to Julia’s successes. 2018 has been her most successful year for International Salons and Circuits with 20 medals (6 gold, 3 silver, 6 bronze, 4 judges/chairman’s choice and 1 merit), 20 honourable mention ribbons, a diploma and over 470 acceptances to date. Julia is also one of the nature selectors for the 2019 PSNZ Canon National Exhibition. Julia will be running the workshop below as well as forming part of the nature panel for the Saturday morning session on “how to achieve a great nature image”.  

Featured Workshop – Going beyond PSNZ  (D1W7)

Outside of PSNZ there is a whole world of salons for those that want to showcase their photography further. But how do you choose what to enter, and more importantly what to enter. In this Friday afternoon session Julia Home APSNZ EFIAP BPSA, will take you through the process of international salons including those run under both FIAP and the Photographic Society of America.  

New on the YouTube channel

In this issue we want to profile another couple of videos that we have loaded to our YouTube Channel. Andrew Turner is running our Sunday offsite to the Thunderbolts BMX track in Upper Hutt to shoot action. You can find his video at Ian Rotherham is the final speaker of the convention and you can meet him at We are loading videos to the channel more often that posting them via the email so if you want to see them first then subscribe to our youtube channel.
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