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E-News – Issue 18

Welcome to the 18th newsletter from the PSNZ Hutt2019 National Convention team. We are now only two months away from the start of the Convention and the team is in full mode working on all of the hundreds of fine details. Please note that registrations will be closing on April 10.

In this and future issues we will continue to cover workshops and presenters that haven’t already been featured.


Good luck

As this goes to press, entries for the PSNZ Canon National Exhibition have just closed and those who are seeking their honours will have their entries heading to Nelson. The convention team wish everyone who have entered this year, the best of luck.

We look forward to seeing your images displayed at the convention.

We need your images

We have some special decorations planned for the CRKennedy honours banquet and we need your help. We need a lot of images. If fact we need over 400 of them. They don’t need to be national exhibition standard. They just need to be good photos that might spark discussion.

There are a number of things that we need to make you aware of

  1. With the volume of images, and the way they will be displayed, we can’t acknowledge the creators of each individual image
  2. They are going to be printed but they will be really small.
  3. We may need to crop images
  4. We will dispose of all images after the convention
  5. There is no naming convention for the file needed, however the one thing we do need to know, is the f-stop that is was shot at. You can either put this in the name, or in exif data.
  6. Please limit the file size to 2MB.
  7. The maximum number of images per person in 10 and these can all be uploaded together.

If you’re willing to help out then please send us digital images by uploading them at

Up in the hills

When we started planning the off-site element of the convention, we made very conscious decision to try to include activities that you would not be able experience simply as a visitor to the area. One of these was the opportunity for a four-wheel-drive journey up and over Cannons Point in Upper Hutt which is off-site D3O4.

To help plan the afternoon Conference Chair Paul Whitham LPSNZ and Off-site Lead Lindsay Keats, joined with vehicles from the Wellington four-wheel-drive club to go over the track and identify the locations for the stops (as well as the all in important afternoon tea break).

The verdict was that the trip will be a great adventure even if you don’t take a single image.

We’ve uploaded a video on our YouTube channel on this link that will give you a taste of what you will experience.

Overall the trip is fairly smooth, however anyone who suffers from motion sickness should perhaps take some medication beforehand.

A night in the dark

On the Friday night, for those of you who are not doing the other options we are putting night activities in the gardens that surround the venue. We’ve ordered a number of LED lights and when they arrived we just had to go out and play with them.

We had a lot of fun and the results were pleasing with no two images the same.


What’s left

Everyone is aware that we have had a fantastic response to registrations, and that quite a lot of our Saturday sessions are sold out. This does not to mean that there is nothing left for you to choose from.

We have listed below the workshop sessions that still have spaces in them.


  • D1W1 – Post processing basic
  • D1W7 – Going beyond PSNZ

Saturday morning

  • D2W1 – What makes a great nature image
  • D2W3 – Planning & shooting a fashion image
  • D2W6 – Lightroom – workflow
  • D2W7 – Post processing Astro

Saturday afternoon

  • D2W8 – Shooting video
  • D2W9 – Shooting sports
  • D2W11 – Lightroom Develop module
  • D2W12 – Post processing portraiture

In addition there is still spaces in all bar one of our Sunday off-sites.

You can find the details of each of these sessions on our website.

Featured Speaker – Sean Gillespie

Sean is a Wellington based freelance writer, photojournalist and videographer. His LinkedIn profile suggests an extremely wide range of roles, including working in the New Zealand parliament and US Department of State.

He is a keen Wellingtonian who is not bothered by the slight breezes we have down here. In fact he has headed out into cyclones to record the city in action, with the images appearing on the Spinoff website (

In 2014 he decided he would explore the suburbs of Wellington to see if he could capture images that reflected what was unique about them. When he started he did not realise that he would find that there were 57 separate suburbs!

By using references to this project Sean is going to demonstrate that you don’t need to venture to overseas locations to create a body of work.

Sean will be speaking on Monday 29th.

New on the YouTube channel

In addition to the video on our landscape off-site (D1O4) we have also loaded up a video showing what those attending D1O2 Nature – wild and tamed. You can find this video at




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