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E-News – Issue 19

Welcome to the 19th newsletter from the PSNZ Hutt2019 National Convention team. We are now only one month away from when registrations will be closing on April 10. The fortnights keep rolling around faster and faster, which is scary as that means we are closer to opening night. The committee has started to meet weekly and we are now into the thousands of details that go into bringing you a great event.

In this issue we have some exciting news and we want to share with you who will form our nature panel.


Planning for the hunt

For those of you arriving early on the Friday, and who did not make it into the other sessions, we have a fun activity for you. A photographic scavenger hunt around the Lower Hutt CBD.

We have been out and about over the last few days setting up the clues for the scavenger hunt. The hunt will take you on a 2.7km walk around the venue and surrounding streets, to visit some of our supporters and show you some of the sites.  There’s even a free coffee along the way, so take your time there and thank Mike for his support.  The walk is flat but suitable walking shoes are recommended.

We have tried to make it simple but you need to be looking around you and see with your photographer eyes to get the clues.  This event is meant to be a bit of fun and a way to see the sites in and around our venue, so if you want to get creative – go for it! We even have prizes to give away!

First prize will go to the person who has, in our opinion, got the mostcorrect images.  They don’t have to be great images; they just need to solve the clues.

Second prize will go to the person who in our biased opinion has the leastamount of correct images.  See you can’t lose in this game!!

When you come to the registration table, if you are registered to do the scavenger hunt you will be given a pack with map, clues, coffee voucher and instructions on how to upload your images.  Remember this is a cell phone challenge but if you don’t have a cell phone then bring your camera!

There is free Wi-Fi at the venue, so we suggest you upload your images when you are back at the venue, but be aware there is a time limit. The form goes offline at 7.30pm sharp on Friday night.  Don’t leave it to the last minute.  Results and prizes will be awarded on Sunday.

So… have you registered for the scavenger hunt?  If not, have we tempted you?  There is no limit to the numbers for this option.

If you are currently registered and wish to join the scavenger hunt then just send an email off to Helen Westerbeke FPSNZ who is handling registrations. Helen can be contacted at



Saturday only options

For those that can’t make the whole convention we have just opened up the opportunity to attend the Saturday only. This will enable you to attend both morning and afternoon workshops, Steve Scalone’s keynote address in the evening and the awards ceremony for the National Exhibition, FIAP awards, Canon Online and the Jack Sprosen AV competition.  The Saturday only option will cost you $150.00.

The following workshops still have space in them:

Saturday morning

  • D2W1 – What makes a great nature image
  • D2W3 – Planning & shooting a fashion image
  • D2W6 – Lightroom – workflow
  • D2W7 – Post processing Astro

Saturday afternoon

  • D2W8 – Shooting video
  • D2W9 – Shooting sports
  • D2W11 – Lightroom Develop module
  • D2W12 – Post processing portraiture


Get ready to buy

We are in the final stages of sorting out the trade area for the convention and are really pleased to tell you that PhotoWarehouse will be in attendance for the first time in many years. They are excited to be involved with the convention and will have a range of convention specials available. They are going to supply lighting gear for our Friday Studio Lighting session, and well as the studio space that we are putting in the main trade area. Please make these guys feel welcome.



Featured Presenters – The Nature Panel

On Saturday morning we have a very special workshop focusing on nature that is in two parts. In the first section Chris Helliwell LPSNZ (2018 NZIPP Nature Photographer of the year) will give you tips in how to capture great nature images.

Then in the second part of the session Chris Helliwell will be joined by three accredited nature judges, and they will outline what it is that they look for in a great image. The other three members of the panel are Craig McKenzie, Julia Home and John Reid. Julia and John have been profiled in previous issue of the newsletter so here we profile Craig.

Craig McKenzie

Craig has almost 40 years experience and has won many awards for his photography. He was recently awarded the highest honour from Forest and Bird- an Old Blue award – for his outstanding contribution to raising awareness of biodiversity through his photography. Craig photos have been featured in numerous books and magazines around the country and have won a number of awards.

He has extensive experience in judging photography including judging the Trenna Packer Salver in 2014 and numerous other competitions. Over the years he has entered the PSNZ National exhibition, the Dunedin Festival Salon of Photography and other similar national exhibitions sporadically. As time went by he found himself on the selection panel for these exhibitions on several occasions. Craig has also judged and commented on the work of many clubs, mostly in the South Island.

There are only 7 places currently available in what promises to be a very informative workshop.


We still need your images

This is a second plea unless you want to see a lot of our holiday shots.

We have some special decorations planned for the CRKennedy honours banquet and we need your help. We need a lot of images. If fact we need over 400 of them. They don’t need to be national exhibition standard. They just need to be good photos that might spark discussion.

There are a number of things that we need to make you aware of:

  1. With the volume of images, and the way they will be displayed, we can’t acknowledge the creators of each individual image
  2. They are going to be printed but they will be really small
  3. We may need to crop images
  4. We will dispose of all images after the convention
  5. There is no naming convention for the file needed, however the one thing we do need to know, is the f-stop that is was shot at. You can either put this in the name, or in exif data.
  6. Please limit the file size to 2MB
  7. The maximum number of images per person in 10 and these can all be uploaded together

If you’re willing to help out then please send us digital images by uploading them at


New on the YouTube channel

We are still working on producing new videos and in this issue we are promoting the video of Ngahuia Davey and the Pin-up workshop she is running. You can find this video at


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