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E-News – Issue 20

Welcome to the 20th newsletter from the PSNZ Hutt2019 National Convention team. It is hard to imagine that we have produced so many fortnightly emails now. We are now only three weeks away from when registrations will be closing on April 10. The announcement of those successful in their honours has brought a small number of new registrations.

This is the second to last issue of the newsletter and in it we continue to provide more information on what we have on offer over the weekend.

Good luck

As this edition of the newsletter arrives in your mailboxes, the selectors of the PSNZ Canon National Exhibition are gathering to select the photos that we will see at the convention. We have told them that we have arranged hanging space for a 180 images in the foyer of the venue.

So if you have submitted images we wish you luck and look forward to seeing the selected ones.

A clarification

In the last newsletter we told you about the nature panel that is involved in the Saturday morning workshop. There were two items in the article that were slightly out, which we need to correct. In the first part of the session Chris Helliwell will be covering more about how he plans his images, and shoots, rather than simply providing with tips on how to capture great nature images. Secondly we should have made clear that the nature panel also includes Chris.

What a line up

We just had to share this image of all of the photographers who are giving up their time and experience to make the convention a success. We wanted to go big and we achieved that with 30 presenters delivering 42 separate sessions over the 4 days.

We found fungi

One of the Sunday off-sites is entitled finding fungi, and up until last weekend we were thinking that it was going to be a real detective hunt. Committee members Toya Heatley APSNZ and Paul Whitham LPSNZ had made several attempts to locate suitable specimens in the Upper Hutt parks.  While Paul kept finding mushrooms, Toya kept telling him that they were too boring to photograph. (Who knew that nature photographers were so picky).

Still not to be deterred the hunt continued and last Sunday we managed to locate where they had been hiding. In a relatively short distance, on an easy track we managed to locate 8 different species.

The majority are very small and if you plan to go on this workshop we recommend that you use a macro lens and bring a tripod.

Even if you are not that interested in fungi, the area that we have found them in is truly beautiful to photograph. There are still spaces available on this offsite.

We have updated the booklet

Those of you who have been on this list for a while will know that in October 2018 we released a programme booklet to make it easier for you to select your options. Since it was launched the booklet has been read 1763 times.

In preparation for the convention we have relaunched the booklet which you can find at

Issue 2 updates all of the information from the original publication as well as providing bios on all our presenters.

Featured Presenters – Jordyn O’Keeffe

Jordyn has been teaching adults how to be creative through the medium of photography in Wellington for the past thirteen years. She holds an Advanced Diploma of Photography from Massey University, and her work has appeared in Next magazine.

Jordyn’s teaching also incorporates photography and creative mentoring for individuals and small groups and running residential workshops through her business “Shot in the Dark” (

She also enjoys working in other mediums, in particular painting and mixed media and is passionate about getting students to see the benefits in their busy day-to-day lives of being creative. She has completed her first year of an Advanced Diploma of Creativity at the Learning Connexion. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in History from Victoria University.

Jordyn will be leading the Sunday offsite D3O10 in visual storytelling.

Featured Presenters – Dan Horne

Dan Horne is a Wellington-based photographer who specialises in portrait, lifestyle and fashion photography. A proud member of Wellington’s Fashion Creative, Dan enjoys collaborating with other like- minded souls. When he isn’t collaborating, Dan can be found testing his ideas on his long-suffering 12 year old son.

Dan’s work can be found at

Pleaseeeeee – We need your images

This is a another plea, because quite frankly the response so far has been really poor, and seriously you don’t want to see our holiday shots, our kids or our pets.

We have some special decorations planned for the CRKennedy honours banquet and we need your help. We need a lot of images. If fact we need over 400 of them. They don’t need to be national exhibition standard. They just need to be good photos that might spark discussion.

There are a number of things that we need to make you aware of:

  1. With the volume of images, and the way they will be displayed, we can’t acknowledge the creators of each individual image
  2. They are going to be printed but they will be really small
  3. We may need to crop images
  4. We will dispose of all images after the convention
  5. There is no naming convention for the file needed, however the one thing we do need to know, is the f-stop that is was shot at. You can either put this in the name, or in exif data.
  6. Please limit the file size to 2MB
  7. The maximum number of images per person in 10 and these can all be uploaded together

If you’re willing to help out then please send us digital images by uploading them at <link>

New on the YouTube channel

This is not exactly a new video but we have updated the our venue tour so that it reflects what we have now finalised. You can find this video on this <link>.




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