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E-News – Issue 14:

Welcome to the 14th newsletter from the PSNZ Hutt2019 National Convention team. This will be the last newsletter that we are going to send in 2018, as we are planning on taking a little break from organising the convention to enjoy Christmas with families. We hope that you will all have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year taking lots of photos in the process.

The first email of 2019 will be in your inbox on the weekend of 12 January 2019.

Great support from our partners

Through the hard work of PSNZ Council we are pleased to advise that the trade area of the convention is going to be buzzing. Existing partners CR Kennedy (CRK), Fujifilm, Panasonic, Progear and Sony have all signed their contracts and several others are very close to confirming their presence .

We are really grateful that CRK have signed again to be the principal sponsor of the honours banquet and this lets us bring you a memorable and high quality event.

You may have seen the blog post about the offer that Epson has created for attendees of the Friday macro session.

The majority of partners have been paired with the workshops and off-sites and we will releasing more information on what they have to offer in future newsletters.

Progear will be offering convention special pricing that will advised ahead of time. More information will come in the new year.

PSNZ is currently involved in negotiations to bring a couple of new partners in the mix but you will have to wait till next year for those announcements.

Featured Presenter – Destina Munro

Destina Munro is a tutor at Massey University and Whitireia Polytechnic specialising in photojournalism, videography, social media, web publishing, and has a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Design, majoring in Photography.

She is a member of the Kapiti Camera Club and has been on the committee for many years serving as President for three; and chaired the PSNZ 2016 Central Regional Convention committee held in Porirua.

She has also judged photographic competitions and run local workshops.

Destina’s previous commercial photographic roles have revolved around marketing for the wine industry and property development fields; she now currently enjoys her working days teaching students to understand the art of photojournalism and visual storytelling.

By contrast however, her own interests lie in various applications of photography in artistic expression. Interests in impressionism and abstract art include artists such as the New Zealand painter John Drawbridge, have influenced much of her recent works as has that of photographers such as Uta Barth.

You can read more about the workshop that Destina is running below, or you can see her video at

Featured Workshop – In camera creative (D2W9)

Not every photo needs to be created in post processing. There are lot of techniques for producing stunning images in-camera without all of the extra computer work.

This workshop, run by Destina Munro will show you how to do that.

With an emphasis on images created “in Camera”, Destina’s perspective is exploring and capturing the non-literal view of her surrounds, moods and moments through colour and light, seeing not just the subject, but the context from which its deeper impact may be derived. 

While this workshop is full there are still spaces available in the afternoon  sessions, so why not try something completely new. 

Featured Off-site – In search of fungi (D3O3)

Fungi are quite often overlooked parts of the natural environment but when you light and photograph them properly the results can be truly amazing.

The aim of this off-site is to photograph some of the many different fungi that can be found in our native bush.

We have several locations in mind but will not reveal the exact location determined until closer to the convention as it is dependent upon the weather conditions as to which will be the best site.

We have it on good authority from Bryce McQuillan that the conditions are good at present for a bumper fungi year but, as there is a lot of time between now and April 2019, anything can happen.

A flash diffuser would be recommended for the session and we will be sending out instructions on how to make a simple one to those who have registered for this session.

The offsite is being supported by Canon so they may well bring along some gear to try out.  

While we are not planning on climbing too many hills, the event will be on uneven ground and have some slopes.

New on the YouTube channel

In addition to the video listed above we have also loaded a video featuring Alastair McAra who is leading two of the post processing sessions. You can see Alastair’s video at

We are loading videos to the channel more often that posting them via the email so if you want to see them first then subscribe to our youtube channel.

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