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These workshops are optional extras to the program as they start prior to our official opening.  There is no added cost for these workshops.

Each practical workshop will be different and for the most part will have different presenters. There are no repeated workshops on this program. Subscribe to our mailing list for updates.

D1W1 - All Genres

A practical workshop on post processing.

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D1W2 - People

Studio 101 – An introductory course on studio lighting.

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D1W3 - Nature

Macro Photography with Chris Helliwell LPSNZ.

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D1W4 - People

Pin-up Photography with Ngahuia Davey.

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D1W5 - All Genres

A tour of the successful honours sets with Bruce Girdwood FPSNZ .

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D1W6 - All Genres

An adventurous activity for those up for a challenge.

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D1W7 - All Genres

Going beyond PSNZ

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